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Acrobond MS 60 HV

Adhesives and flexible sealants

Caractéristiques générales

Flexible adhesive with high green tack, mainly designed as a primer-less product for using in various applications such as windshield bonding; wet in wet over-paintable or during initial few days but lacquers must be tested individually. This adhesive is mainly suitable on materials such as various metals, galvanized steel, lacquered-coated aluminium and steel, plywood, fibre reinforced Polyester / GRP, laminated units, most commonly used rigid insulating foams, glass, enamel as well as some thermoplastic materials such as PUR, ABS- PC, rigid PVC (excepted PTFE and polyolefin-based for which a special primer will be required). Adhesion on materials and paints must ® industrial adhesives - sealants - technical tapes various maintenance products & equipment ACROBOND® MS 60 HV PR range may be necessary to achieve required results. Main use is in transportation (car repairing, motor vehicle industry, containers, BTR), building, composite manufacturing, marine, be tested for compatibility by carrying out preliminary trials; some primers of Acrobond industry but also in many and various other industrial applications.

Caractéristiques techniques

BASE CHIMIQUE1-part, MS- polymer based, humidity curing (moisture absorption from air + material), solvent-free.
COULEURBlack only; not available in other colours
CONSISTANCEPasty, non sag - low slump, quite easy to apply by extrusion but high green strength.
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