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Sealants are usually, pasty, thixotropic / non sag products, mainly based on reactive polymers which are forming after curing (humidify resumption of the air and some materials / reaction of condensation type) a flexible elastomer allowing to absorb the movements of dilation notably in joints.

Another important function being perfect resistance in shocks, these sealants / putties or flexible adhesives are also used as flexible and resistant bonding in domains strongly subjected to movements and vibrations such as transportation

The range of reactive sealants is mainly based on polyurethans (easy to be painted / for example suitable for bodywork), on MS-Polymer (versatility of adhesion and high mechanical performances) and on silicones (mainly for window frames and glazing in building) while the physically curing sealants or putties have plasto-elasticated characteristics and dry by evaporation; they are especially based on acrylic dispersion and on high concentrated butyle or rubber solutions in solvents.