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Our company

  • Adaptation of custom-made products to your specific necessities
  • Optimisation desOptimization of performances and service
  • Advice, technical care and proposal of global solutions matching your expectations

Acrom is highly focused on customer-specific solutions: we are all aware of the fact, that the process of consolidation within adhesives-industry during last years is not only advantageous to the end-user, particularly to those of them, demanding for individual solutions.

This is exactly the strenght of Acrom : Dialog with the partner!

It's our aim to close the gap, developing technical solutions and supplying whenever needed, custom-made adhesives to the end-user in order to have best common success.

Every employee of Acrom looks back on a few decades of experience in the adhesive and sealants-market, enabling them to understand what exactly is required. Once the development-work is done, we engage one of those carefully selected, EN/ISO 9001-certified manufacturers in producing your product; this allows to satisfy all the aspects in relation with quality approvement. Besides we contribute by our own searches and development to the constant optimization of our finished products.