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Acrobond CS 39

Solvent-based adhesive

Code produit : CS 39

Caractéristiques générales

ACROBOND CS 39 is a high performance, fast setting-based contact adhesive with high initial tack and reduced overspray which is specifically designed for bonding of fibre reinforcements such as glass and carbon fibre, fabrics, balsa and some others currently used for the vacuum infusion process. This adhesive is available as well in clear, as in light blue colour which allows optical control during applying by spray and avoids however unwanted strong visible traces. Vacuum infusion processing relies on this special adhesive for holding in place all layers until infusion is completed. Due to its ease of use, rapid coverage of large areas is possible. ACROBOND CS 39 quickly bonds together a wide range of materials including paper, cardboard, wooden materials, foams, heat and acoustic insulators, fabrics, felt and various films and plastics for which preliminary trials are recommended. Main use is in marine and composite manufacturing processes but it is also suitable in repairing, labelling, for orthopaedics, arts, construction, saddler and general purpose assembly help.

Caractéristiques techniques

BASE CHIMIQUEColle synthétique en dissolution dans des solvants organiques inflammables.
COULEURTranslucide ou bleue
DENSITÉ (g/cm3)~ 0,80 g/cm3 / ~39%
VISCOSITÉ~ 800 mPa.s
CARACTÉSTIQUES DU FILM DE COLLE SECFilm de colle cohésif présentant une bonne résistance thermique jusqu’à ~80°C.
DISTANCE DE PULVÉRISATION~ 30 cm des surfaces à encoller (exercer de brèves pressions répétées)
CONSOMMATION / DÉPOSE~ 80 à 120 g/m2, variable selon nature des matériaux
TEMPS OUVERT≥ 30 secondes (variable selon distance de pulvérisation) / ≤ 5 minutes (2 faces)
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