Acromelt ST 94

Colle et nettoyant hotmelt

Code produit : ST 94

Caractéristiques générales

ACROMELT ST 94 is a versatile PSA hot-melt with especially high heat resistance which makes it suitable for production of various automotive interior parts. Adhesive combines high initial adhesion with high cohesion properties in a wide temperature range. Therefore it can be used in many industries such as automotive, transport, marine, building, etc. Adhesive film is sticky and can be applied on textiles, back foamed textiles, carpets, various polyurethane composites, foams, polymers, metals, wood, laminates, cardboard and decorative parts with self-sticky backsides.

Caractéristiques techniques

BASE CHIMIQUESynthetic thermoplastic rubber and resins.
COULEURClear / amber (honey-like).
CONSISTANCELiquid and easy to apply by most standard hot-melt equipment.
DENSITÉ (g/cm3)≈ 1,00 g/cm3
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