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Acrobond PR 11

Primaires / promoteurs d'adhérence

Code produit : Acrobond PR 11

Caractéristiques générales

Acrobond PR 11 is a solvent-based and very low viscosity primer used as an adhesion promoter mainly for EVA foam and soles (excepted UV-treated EVA) and thermoplastics such as PA mixtures (trials are necessary). Acrobond PR 11 is increasing the adhesive strength on above mentioned materials mainly combined with solvent-based and water- based PU adhesives. This product is mainly used as a 2-part primer by addition of ~ 5% Acrocure ISO 23S hardener to increase resistance of primer + hardener mixture against temperature and moisture.

Caractéristiques techniques

BASE CHIMIQUESynthetic resins and additives in solution in a special aromatic solvent blend
COULEURTranslucent (transparent to slightly turbid or lightly yellow)
CONSISTANCEVery liquid, easy to apply by brush
DENSITÉ (g/cm3)~ 0,87 g/cm3
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