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Acrobond EP 242-9

Bi-component epoxy adhesive

Code produit : EP 242-9

Caractéristiques générales

2-component epoxy adhesive for bonding metals with especially good adhesive properties to aluminium and steel, coated metals, wood, fibre reinforced Polyester. For manufacturing of honeycomb panels, insulating panels, laminated units, glass foam and mineral fibres, rigid PU or PVC foam and non-wovens. For rigid thermoplastics such as PS, PUR, ABS and some more, we recommand to make some initial adhesion tests before first industrial using.

Caractéristiques techniques

BASE CHIMIQUEResin: epoxy + fillers, Hardener: amine.
COULEURResin: beige, Hardener: blue.
CONSISTANCEViscous liquid, easy to apply by spatula or extrusion system.
DENSITÉ (g/cm3)~ 1,21 g/cm3 for resin, ~ 0,98 g/cm3 for hardener, ~ 1,16 g/cm3 for A+B mixture
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